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As an open research institution, the Academy will try its best to assimilate advanced science and technologies, as well as related products, databases and models from all over the world, and organize scholars from relevant institutes and universities to carry out researches on disaster reduction and emergency management:

Set up Paradigms for Disaster Reduction and Integrated Disaster Risk Management in Typical High Risk Regions.
According to the regional development planning of China, as well as the natural disaster regionalization into consideration, several high-risk regions will be selected based on integrated disaster risk management theory. Paradigms for disaster reduction and integrated disaster risk management (IDRiM) at community level will be then set up, with respect to different natural hazards, such as flood, drought , sand storm, typhoon, earthquake, landslide, debris flow and so on.

Develop a Disaster Emergency Protocol Simulation System
Using modern information technique, databases for different natural disasters will be built. Using system modeling, systems for stimulating disaster forming process and disaster emergency protocol will be constructed. Besides, an integrated disaster experiment base will also be built. Based on the above works, disaster emergency response systems will be constructed so as to make out disaster emergency protocol.

Develop natural disaster monitoring system and disaster-reduction ability evaluation system
Using 3S technologies and network information management system, systems would be developed for natural disaster monitoring and effects assessment, regional disaster reduction capacity assessment, disaster effects field survey and risk assessment of main natural disasters, as well as integrated natural disaster risk assessment in high-risk zones.

Develop a Comprehensive System of Policies and Regulations Disaster Reduction and Emergency Management
With regard to the hunger of systematic policies and codes on disaster reduction and emergency management by government at different levels, the Academy will strive to perfect the policy and code system through absorbing advanced management experiences and holding forums, workshops and colloquiums.

Construct an National Educational and Training Center on Disaster Reduction and Emergency Management of China
Based on network technology, the Academy tries to develop a comprehensive educational and training system of disaster reduction and emergency management; develop standards for integrated risk assessment and improve evaluator institution on integrated disaster risk assessment. A research team on integrated risk management will also be formed. Based on these works, the educational and training center on disaster reduction and emergency management at national level will finally be constructed.
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